Band Name Discussion

Please take a moment to participage in our band name discussion. Some of these comments are funny. Won't you generate a band name and add a comment?

Hi, I am a goth centaur bard and I used this band name to describe the sound that happens when a triangle, a cymbol, a badger, and a dragonborn all make sound with their instruments. I don't know what it means, but we love it, and we're going to Manskr to play all thel ocal pubs. Love, Icon Circle.
Perfect for my technical blackened sludge thrash band project I am making
Metal like morbid angel but not meshuggah..mastodon but not mudvayne. Somewhere in between a claypool and a randy Blythe..
BFS would make a good acronym too. Although I think the name is slightly redundant considering Satan is most likely very brutal and furious by default. All hail the BFS, duh duh, duh duh!

By the way, I hope to see you at their first show. Gentle Placid God is headlining...Brutal Furious Satan aka BFS will be the opener.
This one made me LOL. Pretty sure this would be a heavy metal or punk rock band but I could be wrong. Anyone want to use this name for their band?
Brutal Furious Satan is the most powerful band and it contains brutal death metal, black metal, thrash metal, grindcore and goregrind.
the best around very funny image how do you even randomly generate this?
amazing best band name ever and yes I have told you how I felt and it is hilarious
Truly amazing. I laughed out loud seeing this.
This is better then the other names on the list, I like this the most
Ahhh yes, 69. A very nice band with a Cathy name.
It sounds fun to repeatbly say. Even if I don't do anything with it it's still fun to repeat a couple of times.
Its great, it just sounds like it has meaning
I don't know why, but I like it.
Actually this would work for just about anything.
It sounded intuitive and creative. I like it and I might use it someday. Thank you!
Awesome name, the best ever perhaps
It is awesome i will use it for my band
If you send a copy of your flyer to us, we will post it here.
I was practicing my Photoshop skills and I needed a rad band name as a placebo. This one seemed pretty cool. 'Loaded' up my poster with 'monochrome'.
Well guys so funny my daughter is addicted
Easy to say and sounds good, but maybe a bit pretentious.
This band name sounds too perfect.
It has the perfect number at the end
I just think that this name is good. May or may not use it.
This name will go towards a band that will change history of music.
I wouldn't have my turnips any other way.
i plan on having a guitarist, drummer, 1st vocalist (me), 2 vocalist,
and pianist. and im trying to figure a band name for us so thats why i came.
-Julian Young
amazing love the unique affect
it more metal than the first one
not metal it doesnt sound thrash
Not necessarily. These are some long names of real bands:

The Presidents of the United States of America
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (this is Michael Franti’s old band)
When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water
I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness
Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

I actually think this name is decent. Banana Syllable is ironic because it has quite a few syllables.
I like the alliteration of this band name. It flows off the tongue smoothly. If I had a band, I would most certainly consider this one. I think this will be stuck in my head all day.
It's just great my brother and i mean it.
A super good dabtastic name which everyone should respect because of it's divine goodness
best band name ever hulk smash
Man that's an awesome name. Threw it in a fanfic because I wanted something out there.
This band name is way to long, band names should be short and simple
Why. Fused Orgy. Why. I don't know if this is a 10 or a 1.
best boy band name ever completely relates to the band ha you'll never guess pretty much
I really like it
Plus it has my name in the title
I think it's quite cool
In my opinion, this band name chosen by band name was without a doubt dying of hyperthermia.
this is just a good name to be honest
Going to start a Mormon heavy metal band.
Great for a serious, navel-gazing singer songwriter type
this one was pretty good -- maybe what I'm looking for
CRINGY! think of more cool names I write my own pop-country songs and need a band name
not bad for a generator there is more out here that are better though
hilarious and just enough to be offensive I think it would be better just "fist and the bead"
That is a good thrash metal name