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This is all about the greatness of Little Candy because Little Candy is in the Pop Music Industry and became Legends of Little Candy of all times since I was 16 years old and I totally enjoyed it in my past years and I still do right now.
Absolutely amazing and sounds like death metal
Not sure how vinegar can be improper but ok.
I plan to use this as my solo project name, it’s just me but I want the illusion to be that it’s a full band, so thanks!!
This name scares me because I don’t know how to use it. Overall 10/10 0 points deducted because I am scared
shifting to cyberpunk 2077. want a band name. this is the one.
sorry i'm late. link to the fic? what fandom is it for? love band AUs
I love this one and perfect for a hard rock band. Gonna use it for a fanfic
Must name band this. Amazing. First song will be “without your loving touch”
No option for jazz rock also known as fusion. Great name so far away and exotic but somehow understandable and related. Like imagine neptune covered in rows of rare blue lavender...
perfect name for my band I'm creating with some friends
This punk as all hell and I am far from a punk musician. SOMEBODY TAKE IT
Haha! I love this. I'm going to use it in my WIP. This shall be the Protagonist's favorite band.
This name is good, thank you very much.
Just yes this is perfect for any garage band that’s so comfortable with there amazing music the don’t care what there named kind of like the Beatles it’s literally a bug but now there famous and that name is everywhere I wanna see someone do that with “Sheep”
I intend to use this name and my stage gag will be beating the every loving shit out of the ever endangered yet ceaselessly stupid looking giant river salamander.
Hilarious as can be,20 out of 10
omg, horrible, just HORRIBLE
This band sings about existential dilemmas, overly long zoom meetings, and fighting tectonic flow.
I chuckled. This is a country/punk band, obviously.
Wrecking Pulse might sound better
I got this a Country Band name, but this name works way better as a metal band. Specifically, a heavier metalcore type deal.
Seems a little too edgy for a pop group. I'd say it sounds more emo than anything, but that's not an option.
It's just a bloody brilliant name
this will be an interesting name for a funeral doom solo project
Sounds like every band of 4 angry teenagers playing loudly in their moms garage and I love it
I admire to name a wanting to be saying person.
this actually kinda rules lmao
Frigging hilarious! Love it! Need mire pharmaceuticals in band names...
I like the suspense here, did someone say captivating?!
This is the most coolest thing ever
Hashtag Lit FAM...also I'm stealing your bagels
I'm guessing they're not going to be on the Vegan Metal Tour
This is too perfect. I'm just imagining a Superorganism-type band, with members from every corner of the globe, with the goal of making music for every region, with every culture...gosh this is a good name
Even yeast is a victim of Bourgeois Capitalism.
this sounds like a skyrim metal band
This is really good. I own a business with a similar name. I'm suddenly wondering what getting it might involve.
I like this name. It's a little creepy. That would work well with a progressive or maybe a death metal band.
This is kind of good. Maybe a variation might be available. Something like "Magicains Of Doom". That might work.
This name is interesting. Perhaps I could get the whole word "wizard" for mine. That might be good.
this rules. very funny and relatable.
I am young man with the big talent
Live life in spin but s is silent
Amazing. I intend to use this in my gothic blackened funeral-death-doom band with surf jazz bossa nova influences, and medieval raga-inspired acoustic astral whip passages with deathcore sludge breakdowns.
I mean that is pretty much what music is...
These things have really helped me! Thanks!
Laughed at this one. Sounds like a caveman, "How do you look?" "We Eyes"
I mean... it is good though, i think
I think I would swap and make it “disaster rising”
This is awesome i was trying to find a name for my baby boys band definitely choosing this he is gonna love this!
I would probably rename this "Corrective Running." Haha I love this for personal reasons. Needed for a fic I'm working on. I imagine they would sound something like Tame Impala + Cake + Com Truise.