Music Games & Quizzes

Find The Real Band Game

We show you a list of band names and you pick the one you think is real.

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Band Names with Numbers Game

There are a lot of bands with numbers in their name. How many do you know?

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Anagrams game with band names. Unscramble your favorite band names.

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Boy Bands Quiz

Got a secret love of boy bands? Test your boy band knowledge with this game.

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Song Makers

Justin Bieber Song Maker

It's no secret that Justin Bieber's extensive life experiences, grounded coming-of-age and romantic intelligence have made him the Best Songwriter in the World.

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R.E.M. Song Maker

Don't have enough time to listen to all of your favorite R.E.M. songs? Try making a random blend of them into one song with this generator. Get all your favorite Stipe mumblings in set of lyrics.

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Beck Song Maker

Ever marveled at the genius nonsense that is Beck's lyrics or wanted to be a master songwriter like Beck?

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Music Theory

Key Signatures Quiz

Practice your music theory with our key signatures test.

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Modes of the Major Scale Quiz

This quiz is an excellent exercise in transposition and modes of the major scale.

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Transpose a song, chord progression or musical phrase to any key with one click.

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