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Please take a moment to participate in our band name discussion. Some of these comments are funny. Won't you generate a band name and add a comment?

I could see this being a band name. (Maybe with some brown note pieces)
Gopher Scrote has a better ring.
This conjures up all kinds of visuals, most inappropriate.
All I can picture is a tuxedoed bird with its little wings plastered across a doorway threatening to cough on people.
Sure, why not a gopher? I can see a band using this.
yeah this one is perfect go use it for anything
This is a really good name for a heavy metal band
this one is genuine, may snatch this one tbh
no but like i actually adore this one, 15/10 would listen to the saint suicides
LMAOOOOOO THIS IS AMAZING. And a little scary. But also AMAZING!
This one is so unique and weird. I love it! I'd listen to it!
I call this name. It's mine now. Might adapt it into Warlock Sharks...point is it's awesome and it's mine. We'll be a super weird alt-rock band and we're gonna kill it out there.
What do you mean? Is this band poison? Abyway i loved this babd name i used it for my band. Im making it soon!
I bet it would be hardcore experimental electronic, and probably bangers at that.
I love it great punk band name
omg this is actually beautiful
This is beautiful. Strange, but beautiful.
actually so goddamn funny, would probably actually use at some point lmao
Oh im using this for my band cause this is kinda funny and cool
When a crouton feels it's about to...crumble...under the pressure, a stone steps in and gives words of assurance.
I think this band name is wonderful! I think adding "The" before it would be great!
This band speaks to my soul. Amazing. Gorgeous. It is so deep and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Reference?
its weird but cool it like its funny and wacky
make a good grunge band like nirvana and melvins and pixies
Ooo I m using this it is so coooollllll😎😎
I have stumbled upon gold. I will absolutely not be using this band name but if ANYONE uses it please tell me, I will 100% listen to anything you do.
Dude!!! this is great!! seriously this sounds like MCR era emo rock.
I'll take it, and i am a Solo Band at the moment and looking for band members
idk what this means but it sounds cool as hell!
Love the vibe. Can I use this name or no?
waist split pretty cool tbh. i like it its cool :]
Deep growling thunder vocals, a tweaked up guitarist and a drummer with restless leg syndrome.
Too bad my band is neither metal nor hard rock enough to pull this one off but oh my if it isn't beautiful. Sounds just like "symbol" too. Ah, how eloquent. Cymbalic, if you will.
beautiful its not too short let me answer please<3
That was the mane of a garage band n the 60's
I'm taking this one for my band
That's actually pretty badass. I was originally going to call my band Broken Breath, but this is better.
I really love this name because i love foxes and animals
Perfect Name for our band. Most of our band mates favorite color is blue.
Um I actually am the saints suicide
Sorry its claimed
That’s kinda dope. Sounds like it could be a metal core or hardcore band
okay wait this one is legit. like if this were a real band they'd probably be in one of my playlists
Would have to have a rotation of musicians who are pregnant.
An ambient band that features nature sounds. Probably in your 'music to sleep to' playlist right now.
could also be named Desperate Enya.
Sounds heavy metal, but probably a retrowave act.
Sounds like an electronica act that only releases on SoundCloud.
I'm pretty sure they opened for Arcade Fire.