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Please take a moment to participate in our band name discussion. Some of these comments are funny. Won't you generate a band name and add a comment?

Hell yeah X3, Sundrop would definitely be apart of a band called Crater Whores if he also pole dancer (which he does in this AU)
This is so fu#### cool i Mean seckening remains so cool
A genius invocation of cottage cheese.
Very very good. I'd change it to "Extasy Blackberry" or "Extasy Redberry" tho
What can I say? Bee Stinky guys.
someone please use this, its gold
10/10 so good love this actually might name the band this lolllllll
rock with soft and flute gives people stress relief and loves everyone.
I love the band name sooooooo mush
There is actually a famous band called The The.
The name uses the twice in the row
its giving off punk-y alt-y vibes, i love it
I'm assuming the members of this band all play wind instruments.
The words will look good on a T-Shirt
Sounds like a band from the year 1996, based in Eastmont, Seattle Washington. They tour local bars, and the 4 member band, all have part time jobs in the service/ hospitality industry except for the drummer Luke who runs a successful car dealership with his Dad up in Twin Creeks.
I will use this for my school project.
Very good. The alliteration is sure to make the name stick in people’s head
Band, Punk rock style,Similar to blink 182 or the offspring
sounds like an alt-band name, I like the alliteration
this seems like a glam metal band who are just in it for the girls
This is perfect because I’m gonna start my own band
Whippet clash good drugs funny
this is actually a good band name
I love this. Great band name y'all really need more comment to fill this up huh

This is frickin sick I think my band mates will like it to. Thank you this is a very high quality website!
Describes my life. But would not use this
i think mansion flame would be better, but a cool name still
somebody please use this im crying lmaoo
i love this i can definitely see somebody using it. great entertainment value 👌
Bro this is totally gonna be the name for my band lmfao
its for my capapult im making lol
I could see this being a band name. (Maybe with some brown note pieces)
Gopher Scrote has a better ring.
This conjures up all kinds of visuals, most inappropriate.
All I can picture is a tuxedoed bird with its little wings plastered across a doorway threatening to cough on people.
Sure, why not a gopher? I can see a band using this.
yeah this one is perfect go use it for anything
This is a really good name for a heavy metal band
this one is genuine, may snatch this one tbh
no but like i actually adore this one, 15/10 would listen to the saint suicides
LMAOOOOOO THIS IS AMAZING. And a little scary. But also AMAZING!
This one is so unique and weird. I love it! I'd listen to it!
I call this name. It's mine now. Might adapt it into Warlock Sharks...point is it's awesome and it's mine. We'll be a super weird alt-rock band and we're gonna kill it out there.
What do you mean? Is this band poison? Abyway i loved this babd name i used it for my band. Im making it soon!
I bet it would be hardcore experimental electronic, and probably bangers at that.
I love it great punk band name
omg this is actually beautiful
This is beautiful. Strange, but beautiful.