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Please take a moment to participage in our band name discussion. Some of these comments are funny. Won't you generate a band name and add a comment?

This is 100% the name of a British band. I can already hear it!
Using the band name for a digital art poster design.
Yikes, I mean it’s a funny name but if your band is name “The Toe Void” that music better sound like shit.
This is the best name I've found on this site
What a great name for a punk band!!
yes. this name describes my jazz improv perfectly
wow...that's kind of a crazy name, but whatever works, y'know?
Lol, Great idea. If only it wasn't already taken by a world famous band
It kinda sounds like a hardcore death metal (Deathcore) name… I like it!!
This band name should be in every record store
This band helps people through rough times
I like it alot and would liek to incorprate it into my band
making midwest emo album covers
Nice but not too nice. I was looking for something shorter, but this one is good.
Who wouldn't want a band called Jesus Brain?
If you added a noun after ‘Intergral’ it could be even better XD
one of the original ideas that spawned a new generation of black with red talent.
I find this band name to be really pretty, and I'd expect some soothing indie-folk music to come from them. It probably sounds like music you'd wanna play when you go camping or on a hike.
I mean, if I saw this band name somewhere it would get me at least a little curious. It's a 7/10 for me
"Inescapable Chumps With The Floor Playboy" sounds kind of Ska.

Perhaps the Inescapable Chumps decided to form a supergroup with The Floor Playboy
It is close to what I was thinking for a name
I really like this name and will try using it myself.
A BAND NAME!!! This is such a cool name wtf, and how is it not taken?
This will be my band name with slight variations now. It will be politically vile ruins
It's Puff Consequences, what else can I say?
amazing. literally amazing. (imagine this in a mickey mouse voice) - this is the best most hot-diggity-dog band name ever! OH BOY its the best Haha
This is a perfect band name. I intend on using this band name for the band I am creating within the plot of an original musical I am writing
Sounds cool and I was stuck in a creative block, this gave me ideas.
I think it’s a pretty name, and could probably be used for a verity of genres.
This sounds like a gargle of nonsense but I love it
This actually sounds cool but I wouldn't listen to them
Sounds like an alt country/southern rock band
Nerdy name, but it might work. It sounds like a person
Sounds pretty cool, but it might be better as a song/album name
This is the new name for my garage metal band.
Also sounds good for a song or album
Perfection. I have no idea what it means, but I want to listen to their entire discography. Also this name has a similar energy to the band Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, which makes it even better.
Sounds like a pretty generic deathcore band
This is an AMAZING power metal name
I really can relate to this one. From my perspective of what it means to me it on the outside .i dont comform.nor do i fit in....yet generating an energy that says however i am a one of a kind original individual! Good stuff
This is all about the greatness of Little Candy because Little Candy is in the Pop Music Industry and became Legends of Little Candy of all times since I was 16 years old and I totally enjoyed it in my past years and I still do right now.
Absolutely amazing and sounds like death metal
Not sure how vinegar can be improper but ok.
I plan to use this as my solo project name, it’s just me but I want the illusion to be that it’s a full band, so thanks!!
This name scares me because I don’t know how to use it. Overall 10/10 0 points deducted because I am scared
shifting to cyberpunk 2077. want a band name. this is the one.
sorry i'm late. link to the fic? what fandom is it for? love band AUs
I love this one and perfect for a hard rock band. Gonna use it for a fanfic
Must name band this. Amazing. First song will be “without your loving touch”