Band Name Discussion

Please take a moment to participage in our band name discussion. Some of these comments are funny. Won't you generate a band name and add a comment?

This is funny because in no way is it usable as a band name but it still needs to be a band.
This is actually insane good job with the name.
Jeff- He likes the band
Khaelyn- It's alright
So you know her too? She’s even worse than a bitch. Low quality woman.
epic epic epic epic epic boiiwiiw
very good.I like it very much.
Another outstanding name for a rival heavy metal band in my novel. Thanks!
I will use this name for another melodic, hard rock, progressive metal band in my novel. Thanks!
I will use this name for a fictional rock band in my novel WIP!
pretty darn close to what I wanted.
This one is awesome. I'm not using it myself... You need to put electronic music genre in there (I'm doing psychill/psybass).
I Now Is Called "Just Wild Like Magic" From Help! I'm a Animals.
Might actually use this one for an emo cover band! Rolls of the tongue super nicely.
This is my most favorite band name
I like this. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Litterally thought this said my chemical romance at first and I got confused because that's one of my favorite bands
Think of a very very small group of students and I think they should fart
This name is very small band like and I love it
I like it. Sound badass. Kinda edgy and over the top, but still cool.
It’s weird, sounds like an album title more than a band name
I mean...c’mon it’s pretty much perfect
I kinda love this band name it’s sounds a bit like Guns N’ Roses and Black Veil Brides when they sang Knives and Pens
Only good one after generating 30-40 times.
Nice very cool, awesome and sick.
Pretty cool name. Definitely like the inclusion of the word “of”
I like it,it sounds like it could be a mix between soul coughing and of monsters and men
The word “With” doesn’t work, and offender isn’t a positive concept.
That's actually a really good pun
Cool. I might use this for an imaginary band I’m creating with characters. Feel free to use this anyone else.
Wow that's interesting I don't think I would use that personally
Thank you very much for this idea, we used a band name similar to this, Hues of the Flaming Reticulum.
I’m gonna name my band this! Very awesome name thank you so much
I like listening to the junk stone while going to the bone zone
Feels pop and punk new agy. I would choose it for a teen group
Relaxing music feels jazzy good for soul music and world music .I would go for it
I think this is a good music to listen when you feel like dancing slow.
could use this. got a name. gray tanktop in ramen
I love this one I feel like it was made for me
amazing wonderful band name i like great
Maybe not a band name but weekend of cheeseburgers sounds like an awesome weekend.
uhhh pretty sure no rock band gonna finna want no food in their name
Perfect for a Stoner Doom band
Sounds like a J-pop K-pop group, love it
Maybye ill even start a real band.
great just great am using it for bandlab name

Oh, i like this one, it sounds aesthetic
it's like sum 41 but it's not lol