Band Naming FAQ

How do I know if a name that I want to use isn't already being used?

A simple Google search will usually suffice but keep in mind that there are many bands that don't put up a website right away. And remember that there have always been bands that share names. It's only a problem when one of the other bands gets larger than the other, and the inherent encroachment causes confusion as the fan bases collide. If you don't intend to tour or publish music, then I wouldn't worry if some other small-time, non-touring, non-famous band in a different city is using the same name. If you are dead-set on your name and another band is using it, your best bet is to get famous first. Usually the other band will change their name on their own. After all, no one wants to be in someone else's shadow.

How do I copyright my band name?

You can't "copyright" a band name with the Library of Congress like you can with Sound Recordings, Lyrics, and Sheet Music. But if you are rich and famous, you can probably afford to trademark your name. Remember, nothing is stopping you from performing under names like The Beatles, Aerosmith, or U2, for example. However, why would you want to use a band name from a band that already exists?

The best way to "claim" a band name is to:
  1. Search the internet to make sure no one is already using the band name.
  2. Register the domain name
  3. Play shows, release records, and publish your music online.
  4. Get famous faster than anyone else that decides to use the same name.
If you establish an online presence with your band name, that will likely keep other people from wanting to use your band name!

I see my band name showing up in the generator. Will you remove it?

Keep in mind that our Band Name Maker is a random generator. It's simply randomly generating combinations of words and we have no control over its randomness. There are thousands of words in our library and literally millions of combinations. While we'd love to make everyone happy, we can't remove individual names from showing up.

Will you sue me if I use one of the names I got off of your generator?

No. Our band name generator service is free to use and you are encouraged to use any names that you like.

"You suck." or "Your site sucks."

We value your opinion, but only if you back it up with some supporting statements.

"You rock." Your site rocks."

Thanks! While we appreciate the kudos, we also like to hear supporting statements on the positive side. So please tell us why you like it.

We are Rock/Contemporary Christian Band and we change our name on a monthly basis. Can you help us to find a permanent name?

How about you just stop changing your name? You could also just type "Christian Rock" into the generator.

"Your generator made me laugh a lot. Thank you.

Once again, thank you. This website was intended to be 90% funny and 10% useful. Consider yourself one of the elite to have figured this out.