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Let us help you find your name for your new rock band. Here are a few rock band names to get you going.

Restricted Cooks With The Saucy Counter Rate / Comment
Detentions Of The Sewage Rate / Comment
Curtain Countries With The Devotional Cyclist Rate / Comment
Illegitimate Suspension With The Abusive Pineapples Rate / Comment
Cliff Of Cartels Rate / Comment
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Rock Band Name Discussion

It's just great my brother and i mean it.
im gonna use this for my fictional setting thx :)
also in the "what style does this band sound like" section I would have put alt-rock but it wasn't an option
best name ever
This one sounds kind of cool. I think Veto ON Laughter might be better. This is definitely a rock band.

This comment engine is pretty cool.
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