Heavy Metal Band Names

Let us help you find your name for your new heavy metal band. Here are a few heavy metal band names to get you going.

Misanthropic Night Rate / Comment
Three Carnage Rate / Comment
Sepulchral Agony Hell Rate / Comment
Dry Dying Rate / Comment
Vulture Doom Rate / Comment
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Heavy Metal Band Name Discussion

it more metal than the first one
not metal it doesnt sound thrash
Man that's an awesome name. Threw it in a fanfic because I wanted something out there.
Why. Fused Orgy. Why. I don't know if this is a 10 or a 1.
Going to start a Mormon heavy metal band.
hilarious and just enough to be offensive I think it would be better just "fist and the bead"
That is a good thrash metal name
Oh that's hella creepy, I'm imagining they sound like Deftones
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