Translated Band Names #1

Translated Band Names #1

We wrote some code to blast famous band names into Google's Cloud API repeatedly and randomly to see what kind of fun we could have. We got more interesting results when we performed at least five translations. Many band names were more translation-resilient than others and didn't make the list. Of course, this could be a partial testament to Google's translation technology. Please note that we properly spelled names where appropriate and sometimes split compound words.

Curious which bands are Talk To The Radio, Drain The Fresh Water and Our Doors Are Interconnected ? Read on to find out...

Creedence Clearwater Revival => Awakening Of Trust In Water

(English, Welsh, Bengali, Arabic, Yoruba, Bulgarian, Frisian, Portuguese, Khmer, Urdu, Malagasy, English)

The Flying Burrito Brothers => Isolation Pushes Others

(English, Pashto, Greek, Esperanto, Sesotho, Zulu, Amharic, Hawaiian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Swahili, English)

Cold Play => Rotten Wounds

(English, , Igbo, Nyanja(Chichewa), English)

Cold Play => The Flu

(English, Igbo, Dutch, Latin, Hungarian, Uzbek, Amharic, Georgian, Serbian, Irish, Kinyarwanda, English)

The Yard Birds => Paraply Nanny

(English, Tamil, English, Igbo, Sundanese, Malay, Hungarian, English, Slovak, Tagalog (Filipino), English)

Joy Division => Entertainment Department

(English, Norwegian, Latvian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Korean, Kazakh, Somali, Haitian Creole, Croatian, English)

Sound Garden => Give An Example

(English, Latvian, Afrikaans, Afrikaans, Icelandic, Yiddish, Persian, Nepali, Samoan, Kannada, Galician, English)

Blue Oyster Cult => Adoration Of The Blue Oysters

(English, Estonian, Tajik, Polish, Marathi, Hebrew, Scots Gaelic, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Maltese, English)

King Crimson => Green Butterfly

(English, Hmong, English, English, Hebrew, Latin, Latin, Zulu, Slovenian, Galician, English)

Creedence Clearwater Revival => Improve Water Purification

(English, English, Zulu, Russian, Telugu, Marathi, Igbo, Hausa, Nepali, English)

Public Enemy => The Adversary Is Open

(English, Latin, Tamil, German, Yoruba, Malay, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Uyghur, Samoan, English)

Death Cab For Cutie => He Died In A Car Accident

(English, Maltese, Japanese, Sundanese, Esperanto, Nepali, Sindhi, Somali, Maori, Polish, Catalan, English)

Thin Lizzy => The Sea Buckthorn Project

(English, Cebuano, Latvian, Arabic, Khmer, Sesotho, Pashto, Latin, Russian, Romanian, Haitian Creole, English)

Blue Oyster Cult => Pray With A Blue Hat

(English, Dutch, Russian, Mongolian, Tamil, Japanese, Basque, Indonesian, Danish, Malagasy, Finnish, English)

Deaf Leppard => LeapFrog Is Very Angry

(English, Irish, Latvian, Sindhi, English, Tamil, Haitian Creole, Galician, Khmer, Welsh, Yoruba, English)

Five Finger Death Punch => The Five Sacrifices

(English, Odia (Oriya), Ukrainian, Swahili, Maltese, Serbian, Hawaiian, Pashto, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Thai, English)

Foo Fighters => Voin Fu Fu

(English, Swahili, English, Kurdish, Serbian, Arabic, Russian, Russian, Georgian, English)

Goo Goo Dolls => Go Button

(English, Kannada, English, Hebrew, Turkish, Hmong, English, Russian, English, English)

Grateful Dead => Death Confession

(English, Danish, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, Malayalam, Haitian Creole, Tajik, Malagasy, French, English)

Grateful Dead => Thank You For Your Kindness

(English, Pashto, Punjabi, Turkmen, English)

Grateful Dead => Thank You Very Much For The Deceased

(English, Bulgarian, Turkmen, Lithuanian, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hmong, Scots Gaelic, Afrikaans, Hungarian, English)

Maroon Five => Brown Five

(English, Haitian Creole, English, Tajik, Mongolian, Haitian Creole, Croatian, Slovenian, Yiddish, Danish, English)

Matchbox Twenty => A Box With Twenty Players

(English, Xhosa, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, Yoruba, Czech, Uyghur, Polish, Latvian, Luxembourgish, Indonesian, English)

Nickel Back => The Quantity Of The Bag

(English, Korean, Turkish, Bengali, English)

Creedence Clearwater Revival => Drain The Fresh Water

(English, Hebrew, Arabic, Estonian, Croatian, Maltese, Vietnamese, Estonian, Serbian, Khmer, Urdu, English)

Death Cab For Cutie => Sweet Death Taxi

(English, Persian, Sinhala (Sinhalese), Korean, Maltese, Mongolian, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian, Serbian, Swahili, English)

King Crimson => Different Singers

(English, Hawaiian, English, Greek, Tatar, Nyanja(Chichewa), Mongolian, Hebrew, Kinyarwanda, Kazakh, Swahili, English)

The Flying Burrito Brothers => Your Father Burito Flies

(English, Telugu, Amharic, Malay, Malay, Myanmar (Burmese), Portuguese, Sundanese, Uyghur, Finnish, Lithuanian, English)

Joy Division => Happiness To Share

(English, Latin, Croatian, Korean, Persian, Russian, English, Lithuanian, Welsh, Pashto, Thai, English)

No Doubt => That's Right

(English, Finnish, Amharic, Icelandic, Uzbek, Hindi, Vietnamese, Kannada, Azerbaijani, Macedonian, Zulu, English)

No Doubt => This Cannot Be Denied

(English, Georgian, Samoan, Indonesian, Basque, Malayalam, Tajik, Kannada, Somali, Belarusian, Khmer, English)

Radio Head => Talk To The Radio

(English, Vietnamese, Greek, Lithuanian, Hawaiian, Kannada, Zulu, Portuguese, Turkmen, Bengali, English)

Rage Against The Machine => Anger Protects The Machine

(English, Macedonian, Luxembourgish, Hmong, Marathi, French, Corsican, Korean, Swedish, Russian, French, English)

Rage Against The Machine => The Car Is Crazy

(English, Malagasy, Kyrgyz, Spanish, Shona, Armenian, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Marathi, English)

Red Hot Chili Peppers => Hot Red Poppy

(English, Croatian, Hawaiian, Georgian, English)

Skip Knot => Go To Contact

(English, Spanish, Hebrew, Kazakh, English)

Skip Knot => To Contact The Team

(English, Hebrew, Yoruba, Scots Gaelic, Corsican, Galician, Slovenian, Indonesian, Estonian, Latin, Serbian, English)

System of a Down => Schedule

(English, Ukrainian, Haitian Creole, Mongolian, Sinhala(Sinhalese), Dutch, Kurdish, Scots Gaelic, Romanian, Korean, Hausa, English)

System of a Down => Terrain Structure

(English, Arabic, English, Korean, Hausa, Gujarati, Bengali, Spanish, Sindhi, Corsican, Hungarian, English)

The Smashing Pumpkins => Chop The Pumpkin

(English, Japanese, Myanmar (Burmese), Kazakh, English)

The Smashing Pumpkins => The Pumpkin Is Broken

(English, Sesotho, Czech, Hmong, Corsican, Vietnamese, Catalan, Slovak, Cebuano, Hungarian, Malagasy, English)

The Who => World Health Organization

(English, Icelandic, Malay, Punjabi, English)

Three Doors Down => Our Doors Are Interconnected

(English, Uzbek, Greek, Scots Gaelic, Hebrew, Hmong, Slovenian, Icelandic, Turkish, Esperanto, Khmer, English)

Deaf Leppard => The Leopard Was Deaf

(English, Unknown, Ukrainian, Czech, Amharic, German, Thai, Estonian, Khmer, Punjabi, Mongolian, English)

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