Worldwide Band Name Registry: I - Page 1

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Band Name Location
I Bristol, CT
I Bristol, United States
I Chicago, IL
I Il, United States
I Langhorne, United States
I Raleigh, NC, United States
i Fad, AS, United States
i Newfields, NH, United States
I & I Nyc, United States
I & I Bristol, United Kingdom
i - dub London, United Kingdom
I 4 1 Vancouver, BC
I 94 Studio City, CA, United States
I Against I Seatte, WA
I Almighty Grand Rapids, MI
I Almighty Grand Rapids, MI, United States
I AM Westminster, MD, United States
I am H Illsboro, OREGON, United States
I am New Albany, INDIANA
I Am 2 Dorchester, DORSET, United Kingdom
I am 5 Bude, United Kingdom
I Am 7 London, United Kingdom
I Am Are You United States
I am ASOH Galway, Ireland
I am error San Luis Obispo, United States
I Am Forever Pilton, SOMERSET, United Kingdom
I Am Harlequin Ladson, SC, United States
i AM i Ladson, SC, United States
I am jack Gloucester, United Kingdom
I am jack Petworth, United Kingdom
I Am Jack's Band Granite City, IL, United States
I am jax Denmead, United Kingdom
I Am Kloot Manchester, United Kingdom
I am mountains Sale, CHESHIRE, United Kingdom
I Am President Oldcastle, CO. MEATH, Ireland
I Am Robot And Proud Eugene, OR, United States
I AM SIAM Tuckenhay, DEVON, United Kingdom
I Am Spoonbender Marysville, WA
I am the Band Auburn/ Ky, United States
I Am The Equator Baton Rouge, LA, United States
i am tv Baton Rouge, LA, United States
I am victim Nottingham, United Kingdom
I am When I fall Doncaster, SOUTH YORSHIRE, United Kingdom
I Am Worlds Overland Park, KANSAS, United States
I AM... Melbourne, VICTORIA, Australia
I Amici Compton
I and I Norman, OK, United States
I BAND ``````````, ``, United States
I Believe Kew Gardens, NY, United States
I Believe In Aliens /Aleesha Rome Australia
I bleed scarlet Parker, CO
I Born Slc, UTAH, United States
I Call Shotgun Abbertysswg, TREDEGAR, United Kingdom
I can lick any Sonofabitch in the house Portland, OREGON, United States
I can't believe they're a band Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I Can't Hear You Warsaw, Poland
I Can't Remember Old Hickory, TN, United States
i candy London, United Kingdom
I CANT Sebastian, FL, United States
I Cant' Remember? Toronto, ON, Canada
I dare the sky Houston/Tx, United States
I Decline Chicago, IL, United States
I decline Chicago / Il, United States
I Defy Los Angeles, CA
I Defy Portarlington, VICTORIA, Australia
I didnt mean to submit this thng California, United States
i died a thousand times Sydney, Austria
i disagree Cowansville, QUEBEC, Canada
i dive in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
i divide Thornhill, ONTARIO, Canada
i divide Thornhill, ON
I Do Iu, O, United Kingdom
I Don't Know Cherrytree, PENNSYLVANIA
I Don't Know Orland Park, IL
I Don't Suppose Ireland
i dont know Easton, MARYLAND, United States
i dont know Kansas City, MO, United States
I dont know Cleveland Ohio, United States
I Dream In Stereo Channelview Tx, United States
i dunno I Dunno
I Eat Dirt Waterloo, Canada
I Eflat-inum Kirkfield, ONTARIO, Canada
I f*cked your mom Mansville, United States
I Fagiolini London, United Kingdom
i fell over Exeter, United Kingdom
i For An i Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada
I Forget Ireland
I Forgot Dunstable, BEDFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom
I forgot Crystal/Michigan, United States
I forgot sound Hassocks, United Kingdom
I Found God San Fransico, CA, United States
I found Gomez San Fransico, CA, United States
I Four 1 Vancouver, BC
I Four One Vancouver, BC
I Giganti Waterville, MN, United States
I Got Issues Waterville, MN, United States
I Got Time London, United Kingdom
I HATE I St Polycarpe, Canada