What Were These Bands Thinking When They Named Their Band

What Were These Bands Thinking When They Named Their Band

Do you ever see a band name and think wtf were these guys thinking? Here are 5 bands that either lost a bet or were hoping to jump-start their fame with some cheap, shock value.

Anal Vomit

This Peruvian thrash/death metal band features not one, but two words to be avoided at all costs when naming your band. True fans must love answering the question "what are you listening to?"

Anal Band Names | Vomit Band Names

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea planet is is a garage punk band from Nashville, Tennessee. If you are named after a gastrointestinal mishap, I suppose the music can only be an improvement. It's safe to assume they considered the alternatives: Liquid Poopy Planet, The Runs Planet, The Shits Planet -- yep, I guess if you have to name yourself after this rectal misfortune, they picked the best name.

Diarrhea Band Names | Planet Band Names

Vaginal Defecation

Everyone knows feces and vaginas don't mix well. So why did this Las Vegas band decided to name their band after a bacterial nightmare? You'll have to listen to their blackened death metal and get back to us on that.

Vaginal Band Names | Defecation Band Names

Butthole Surfers

This is probably the most famous band named after an anus. Popular songs such as Jingle of a Dog's Collar and Pepper are familiar to many that have no idea the name of the band.

Butthole Band Names | Surfer Band Names


Admittedly, this name has a nice ring to it, but still... what were they thinking? These guys are an analog synth band from Los Angeles. Their name isn't the only shocking part as the band is known to wear some creepy AF masks while performing.

Butthole Band Names | Surfer Band Names

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