Avoid These Common Mistakes When Naming Your Band

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Naming Your Band

Naming your band is a very personal experience. For some, an original band name seems to come out of nowhere with little effort. For others, it can take some work and sometimes multiple attempts to get the name right. There are a variety of ways to approach the band-naming process. Below we discuss common mistakes to avoid make when coming up with your band name.

  1. Avoid band names that are the same or similar to an existing band.

    You can search our Worldwide Band Name Registry to see if a band name is already in use. If you need help coming up with an original name, use our Band Name Generator.

  2. Avoid excessively long names.

    Although there are a few famous bands with long names, generally speaking, they are not ideal. Long band names are difficult for fans to type, spell and remember.

  3. Avoid naming your band after other famous artists' works.

    There are a lot of bands that name themselves after characters in books or movies. Sometimes they even name themselves after a famous musician's song or album title. It's great to be proud of your influences, but stick to an original band name; save the homage for a song title.

  4. Avoid puns, word play or excessively clever band names.

    Many bands love to use word play and puns when naming their band. While it can seem catchy at the time, in the long run, it cheapens your band's music. This includes names derived from other names i.e. Joy Orbison, Steve N Seagulls, Harmonica Lewinsky, etc.

  5. Avoid names that are names of other products or companies.

    Do your research on the web. See if the domain name is already in use. You don't want your fans to not be able to find you because there is a whole product line or company with the same name.

  6. Avoid cute band names unless you play cute music.

    Do you play children's music? If the answer is no, then most likely you should not be cute when naming your band.

  7. Avoid words that are difficult to spell.

    Assuming one of the goals of your band is to get famous, you'll need to use basic marketing skills along with everything else that goes with being a good band. Words that are difficult to spell will make it harder for your fans to find you on the web.

We hope these tips give you some ideas for what to avoid when naming your band. As always, we recommend using our Band Name Generator to come up with an original band name. What are some of your pet peeves with band names?

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