Bands Named After Planets & Space

Bands Named After Planets & Space

We'd like to introduce our new Space & Planet style to our Band Name Generator. With a simple click, you can generate all sorts of band names based off of planet names, astronomy and space terms.

We were recently inspired to add this feature when researching bands named after planets. It turns out there are quite a few and we've grouped our favorites below.

We found it interesting that Uranus seemed to be the least popular planet to name a band after while Mars, Mercury and Earth were the most popular. Do you have a band named after a planet or star? If so, let us know in the comments.

Generate Space & Planet Band Names

See our list of space and planet band names below...

Earth Band Names

Earth, Wind & Fire, Rare Earth, Earth, Iced Earth, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Walk Off The Earth, The Earth Earth, Earth Moon Earth, The Tallest Man On Earth, Railroad Earth, Earth Crisis, Flat Earth Society, Earth Island Orchestra, Earth 18, Earth Link, Earth Born, Earth AD, Earth Needs Men, The Black Earth, The Sinking Earth, Dark Earth, Suspect Earth, Granted Earth, Liquid Earth, Gypsy Earth

Generate Earth Band Names

Mercury Band Names

Mercury, Mercury Rev, Freddie Mercury, The Mercury Program, Mercury Waters, Mercury 4, Mercury City, Mercury Caronia, Mercury Switch, The Mercury Stars, Mercury Man, Mercury Sol, Mercury Legion, Mercury Bullet, Mercury Tide, Mercury Drop, Mercury Dime, Mercury Effect, Mercury Motors, Mercury Rising, Mercury Flyer, The Mercury Seed, Mercury Nelson, Mercury Falls, Mercury Descends, Mercury Feelings, The Mercury League, Mercury Zenith, Mercury Effect, Mercury Legion, Mercury Fang, Mercury Falling

Generate Mercury Band Names

Venus Band Names

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Cleaners from Venus, Venus Hum, Venus Infers, Venus Peter, Venus In Flames, Venus Handcuffs, Venus Inc., Venus Malone, Venus Jones, Venus Mission, Venus Bleeding, Venus Virus, Venus Envy, Venus Gang, Venus Trap, Venus Walk, Venus Note, Venus Tribe, Venus Verse, The Venus Illuminato, Venus Raygun, Venus Outback, Venus Flytraxx, Venus Butterfly, Venus Adore, Venus On Mars, Venus in Rage, Venus in Bluejeans, Life on Venus, Pocket Venus

Generate Venus Band Names

Mars Band Names

The Mars Volta, 30 Seconds To Mars, Mouse On Mars, Mr. Mars, Mars Bonfire, Mars Electric, Mars Today, Mars Arizona, Mars Accelerator, Mars Mushrooms, Mars Moles, Mars Hunter, Mars Fellows, Mars Hollow, Mars Native, Mars Classroom, Mars Dynamo, Mars Apes, Mars Bonfire, Mars Punk, Mars Needs Women, Mars & Prestige, Mars On Earth, Mars Needs Lovers, Moons of Mars, Cities of Mars

Generate Mars Band Names

Jupiter Band Names

Jupiter Jones, Jupiter Coyote, Jupiter Sunrise, Jupiter Ace, Jupiter Apple, Jupiter Society, Jupiter String Quartet, Jupiter Rising, Jupiter Down, Jupiter 88, Jupiter Affect, Jupiter Circle, Jupiter Avenue, Jupiter 8000, Jupiter Sun, Jupiter Wind, Jupiter 7, Jupiter Trio, Jupiter Plumes, The Jupiter 8, Jupiter VI, The Jupiter Deluxe, Jupiter Forest, Jupiter Crying, Jupiter Tide, Jupiter Atom, Jupiter Sextant, Jupiter Jill, Jupiter Owls, Falling Jupiter, Jupiter and Teardrop, Jupiter Tuning Center, Fidning Jupiter

Generate Jupiter Band Names

Saturn Band Names

Brave Saint Saturn, Rings of Saturn, Saturn Never Sleeps, Saturn Expedition, Saturn V, Saturn 6, Saturn 3, Saturn Returns, Saturn Downtown, Saturn Descends, Saturn Over Sunset, Saturn Vs. Jupiter, Viva Saturn, Black Saturn, Above Saturn, Smashing Saturn, Lost Souls of Saturn, Lions on Saturn, Low on Saturn, Sidecar To Saturn, Rings Around Saturn, Too Much Saturn, Shepherds of Saturn, Prophets of Saturn, River of Saturn, High Priest of Saturn

Generate Saturn Band Names

Uranus Band Names

Biff Uranus, Mr. Uranus, Uranus and the Five Moons, Man From Uranus

Generate Uranus Band Names

Neptune Band Names

Neptune, DJ Neptune, The Neptunes, Neptune Project, Neptune Nevermind, Neptune Massive, Neptune Sweet, The Neptune Power Federation, Fracture & Neptune, Dudes of Neptune, Sons of Neptune, Sailors of Neptune, Neptune's Car, Neptune's Empire, Neptune's Buffalo, Neptune's Army, Neptune's Keep, Neptune Recovery, King Neptune

Generate Neptune Band Names


Pluto, Pluto Project, Pluto Monkey, Pluto Press, Pluto Sherving, Pluto Brown, The Pluto Walkers, Pluto Rain, Zoltan Pluto, Beyond Pluto, Save Pluto, DJ Pluto, Bring Back Pluto, Spaceman from Pluto, What About Pluto, Safari On Pluto, Letters From Pluto

Generate Pluto Band Names

Star Band Names

Midnight Star, Dark Star Orchestra, Mazzy Star, Big Star, Strfkr, Black Star Riders, Star Slinger, The Star Spangles, Stereo Star, Star Dancer, Star Room Boys, Star Guard Muffin, Star Hustler, Star People, Star Wash, Star Devils, Star Climber, Star Pimp, Star Catcher, Star Choir, Star Zoom, Star Rats, Gringo Star, Star Junction

Generate Star Band Names

Sun Band Names

Silversun Pickups, Empire of the Sun, Sun Kil Moon, Sun City Girls, Sun Red Sun, Sun Sun Slaughterhouse, Sun Electric, Sun Glitters, The Sun Days, King Sun, Swallow The Sun, Sun Palace, Sun God, Sun Angle, Sun Travellers, The Sun Parade, 40 Watt Sun, Sun Drug, Sun June, Sun Toucher, Sun Decade, Sun Trust, Sun Glory

Generate Sun Band Names

Spacecraft Band Names

UFO, Jefferson Starship, Cobra Starship

Moon Band Names

Walk The Moon, Dead Moon, Artic Moon, Sun Kil Moon, The Blue Moon Boys, Moon Dog Mane, Moonchild, Summer Moon, Earth Moon Earth, Moon Honey, What Moon Things, The Soft Moon, Moon Duo, Moon Hooch, Moon Safari, The Moon Men, Moon Diagrams, Moon Tooth, Moon Coven, Rabbit in the Moon, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Moon Bounce, The Moon Gypsies, Moon Cricket, Moon People, Moon Flower, Moon Martin

Generate Moon Band Names

Other Space Related Band Names

Bill Haley & His Comets, Total Eclipse, The Orion Experience, Spacemen 3, Nebula, Comets On Fire, Digable Planets, Space

Generate Space & Planet Band Names

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